변진수 (Ph.D., Univ. of Georgia)


변 진 수

전공 스포츠행정 및 정책, 경영
연구실 스포츠과학관 323호 TEL: (02)2123-3198
강의과목 - 학부: 스포츠 조직 및 거버넌스
- 대학원: 스포츠 조직 및 행정
주요경력 Assistant Professor, Department of Human Nutrition and Hospitality Management, the University of Alabama
Editorial Board, Managing Sport and Leisure
Dr. Jinsu Byun is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sport Industry Studies at Yonsei University. He earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Seoul National University and his doctoral degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sport Management and Policy at the University of Georgia. His primary research goal is to expand knowledge on sport governance, organizations, and sustainable sport event management. To achieve this goal, he conducts research that offers insight into under-investigated topics associated with three research areas: sport governance at multiple levels (local, national and international), organizational changes in sport, and inter-organizational relationships for sustainable event management. Dr. Jinsu Byun received research grants from the IOC Olympic Studies Centre (i.e., PhD Students & Early Career Academics Research Grant Programme and Advanced Olympic Research Grant Programme). He has published manuscripts in top peer-reviewed sport journals (e.g., European Sport Management Quarterly, Journal of Sport Management, and Sport Management Review).